Strange and Familiar: Britain As Revealed by International Photographers

To complement our Art Gallery exhibition, we’ve selected five photographs from the exhibition to bring us closer to the themes, histories and communities that reveal how others see us.

Each photograph is accompanied by a piece of audio including contributions from Martin Parr, curator Alona Pardo, exhibition assistant Jilke Golbach, Guardian journalist Sean O’Hagan, author Pamela Roberts plus voices from around the UK.

Click on each photo to listen to audio and discover additional photography.

The Boy with the Roger Hunt Badge by Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer

The Boy with the Roger Hunt Badge


Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers is open in the Art Gallery from 16 March–19 June 2016.

Curated by the iconic British photographer Martin Parr, Strange and Familiar considers how international photographers from the 1930s onwards have captured the social, cultural and political identity of the UK.

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