Barbican Young Poets Showcase 2019/20

The Barbican Young Poets cohort of 2020 was due to present a showcase at the Barbican just before COVID-19 changed everyday life and the ability to commune together safely in person. In spite of this, we celebrate the extraordinary work this cohort produced during the programme and further developed during a time of unprecedented global upheaval with an online collection of poems.

You are warmly invited to temporarily forget time and immerse yourself in these poems— glimpses into worlds that are deeply personal, political, expansive, nostalgic, and as unique as they are unifying in representing some spark of the human experience.

We are proud of these poems and the cohort and we hope you enjoy each poem for what it is: a gift.

Barbican Young Poets is a Barbican Creative Learning programme for writers, led by the programme’s Artistic Director, Jacob Sam-La Rose and Co-Tutor, Rachel Long.

Learn more about the Barbican Young Poets on the Barbican website.

About Barbican Creative Learning

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